Thank the Lord, this summer we have been able to complete a 30 day tour of the prisons in Florida! 27 prisons were visited with worship, special music, and a powerful testimony. We are so grateful that the Lord showed up and touched so many lives. In many of the prisons, we were the first ministry to come in since the lock-downs started back in March of 2020! 

We've continued to call and inquire of two specific regions of the nation to come and minister in the corrections facilities. Even though they have realized a short respite of normalcy, they are expecting to go back to the lock-down status. Please pray for these regions, as they contain 16 states we have not visited before. We have a sincere desire to visit them. When we do, we will have reached a goal to minister in ALL of the 48 Continental United States since the beginning of 2017!

We are returning to FLORIDA for a second tour right now for a full 30 MORE days visiting 26 more prisons! Gotta love FREEDOM! 

Texas will, more than likely, be next in January 2022! Please keep this all in prayer, as there are many challenges. But our GOD is greater than the challenges!!

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Thank you for your friendship and support!